Alternative Homes

As I walk out to the studio today, I continue to consider the concept of home. And it’s so much more than four walls.


Here’s a home with six walls. It’s good for jars and nests. And there are storm windows for winter. That’s a good thing here in the high desert.

Working in this breezy borrowed studio, is true joy all by itself. I can walk in and see what remains from yesterday’s exploration, and pausing, consider how it might evolve into today’s visual fun. Everywhere I look there are more treasures, all waving their arms trying to grab my attention. Each one saying, “Choose me! I’m perfect for today’s story.” And these three pieces were the chosen few today.

Three very different containers, all are home to one thing or another, whether it be eggs, cookies, or a lovely light-filled space with six sides. All a home in their own way, all parts of the home in my heart.