Glass, Metal, and Light

Exploring in the studio today, these pieces of metal and glass called out. A bit of playing with the light, and these materials, these structures began to tell their story.


This is a story of longevity and endurance. It is also a story of flowing lines and transparent joys. Exotic forms that echo ancient traditions. Similar lines and forms found in many places on the planet. The sacred geometries that tie cultures and traditions together. The doorways that whisper, “Come inside, stay as long as you like.” Living as one with the rhythms of day and night.

What I really want to do is arrange three of these glass and metal hexagonal forms, on their sides like three flower petals. In my dream they are enlarged to container size, large enough to build on this dream. This dream of light filled space. This dream of home.

Aristotle said, “A soul cannot think without a picture.” I have my picture, and my soul is dreaming.