Artist's Journey

New View . . . of An Old Vision

Continuing to look back at old images, even pictures of old images. Always looking and listening. The subtle messages received keep me smiling, encouraged. The path of each step, shows the way.


A picture of a picture made maybe three years ago. I was in the lengthy process of closing up house. Deciding what few things went into long term storage. I was preparing to leave Santa Fe after ten years of high desert living. I was off on the journey of a lifetime. And so it was.

As I went through things precious to me, I came across this matted print. It was a platinum/palladium contact print I had made in 1983 while studying photography at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

A still life that was part of a series of images titled, Ritual Objects. All made under the dark cloth with a 4x5 view camera. Seeing the image upside down and backwards on the ground glass was the supreme joy of the entire experience.

This series of negatives were then contact printed, using the hand mixed and coated, platinum/palladium emulsion on rag paper. A rather painstaking process popular in the first half of the 20th Century.

The image above was made with my iPhone. I placed a spiral of collected stones on the matted print and caught the moment.

And the moment recalled how this early image set me on a path. The spiral of stones brought me to this moment of recalling. It truly does not matter which camera I pick up, or stand behind. It is allowing my eye to be the camera, as my hand creates the scene.

The camera captures the image, a record of a moment in time. A moment when I showed up. A moment when I made the work asked of me. This is my path, my practice. And it has been for over forty years. My gratitude runs deep.