Photo Workshops & One on One Mentoring

If you feel inspired to host one of these events in your area, in exchange for a free spot in the workshop, please contact me via the form on the ‘Contact Me’ page. Thanks so much for your interest.

“Photo Editing for Amazing Images”

The image captured by your smart phone is just the beginning. Using the simple editing techniques, you will learn in this half day workshop, will turn your photos into creative images you will be proud to share. Many of the images you see here, are from my iPhone. Using simple editing tools, based on traditional darkroom processes, will transform both your photos, and your photography practice.

“Photo Editing for Amazing Images” is a Half Day Workshop. Cost is $50 US. Dates to be determined based on interest.

“Seeing with Fresh Eyes”

Why This Workshop?

There are times when we all settle into routines and habits with our photography. It’s easy for our shutters to lock in on auto pilot, and we just keep doing things the same way. "Seeing with Fresh Eyes" will present you with a number of ways to both 'see' and ‘make’ images differently. You will be introduced to new ideas and aesthetic choices that will give your photos a fresh look, and offer you interesting new perspectives for creating them.

About This Workshop.

During this one day workshop, we will discuss the following topics. I welcome all of your questions on these topics and any others.

- Making an Image or Taking a Picture. - It’s a choice, and they both work.

- One Camera - One Lens. - Keeping things simple frees up your creativity.

- What is the Subject? - Considering the mirrors & windows metaphor.

- Framing - What’s in, what’s out, and those pesky edges.

- Portraits - Closer is almost always better.

- Zooming or Moving Closer. - Letting your feet doing the zooming.

- In Camera Choices or Editing. - More of the first, and less of the second.

- Black & White or Color. - Try deciding before you release the shutter.

- Simple Editing - Less is More. - Digital versions of darkroom methods.

- Single Image or a Series. - What kind of story do you want to tell?

Who Is It For?

This Workshop is for thoughtful photographers of any skill level who are looking for some fresh inspiration to enhance their images and photography practice. All cameras are welcome. This is not a technical course and not about the latest camera gear. I encourage all participants to bring 10 - 20 images for review and suggestions.

“Seeing with Fresh Eyes” is a One Day Workshop. Cost is $125 US. Dates to be determined based on interest

“Beyond the Single Image - Developing a Photo Project”

Have you ever wanted to move beyond the single image and begin to create photography projects to tell a larger story? A project that you can share with others? If so, this two day workshop just might be for you. I encourage all participants to bring a collection of 10 - 20 images for review and suggestions.

During this two day workshop, I will be sharing a number of ways to organize a collection of images. This collection truly becomes a body of work. Images from this body of work can be submitted to juried exhibitions. This body of work can become a gallery show. It can also be used to create a portfolio of matted prints, a website, and even a book. Topics can include:

- Creating a portfolio. It’s all about editing. What stays and what goes.

- Sequencing images to enhance the viewing experience.

- Color or black & white - all one, or a combination?

- Mirrors & Windows - Introspective narrative, or Direct Observation?

- What is the ‘real’ subject of your portfolio?

- Is this portfolio, Fine Art, Story Telling, Documentary, or Journalism?

- Is there writing included? How much and what kind?

- Building a photography website.

- Creating a Book - Hand Book Binding, Print on Demand Services, and iBooks.

Who is This Workshop For?

Have you begun to see your photography as a practice? Have you noticed a particular thread that ties certain images together? Have you considered choosing a topic to create a series of images? Have you wanted to put a group of images together to share with others? If any of these questions strike a chord in you, you’ve come to the right place.

“Beyond the Single Image is a Two Day Workshop. Cost is $225 US. Dates to be determined based on interest.

“One on One Mentoring with Glen"

I offer one on one mentoring, for those wanting to expand their photography practice.

This begins with a complimentary 30 minute conversation via FaceTime or Skype. During this call we will discuss the your current photography practice, and how you would like to take your work to the next level. If we both decide it is a good fit, we will create a plan to move forward together. I can offer my 40 years of experience to assist you in achieving your photography goals.

“One on One Mentoring” - The basic format consists of three one hour conversations, over 2 - 3 months, as we determine together. Cost is $225 US. Custom sessions can also be arranged. Contact me with your particular interest and desire. Thanks so much, Glen.